Water & Waste Water Systems

Water Treatment Plant- Oman refinery

The desalination plant was consist of four (4) evaporation units.

The design of the units was MED (multi effect evaporator) type with brine recirculation and of the cross-tube and single deck design.





Water Supply System- Jabal Akhdar –Oman

Scope of the project including 140km water piping, No.7 pump stations, No. 7 reservoir tanks (1850m3 to 5000m3 ), Control automation, SCADA systems


Al-Barati RO Project

This project involves the construction of a sea water desalination plant in the Kingdom of Kuwait. It is the first desalination plant in Kuwait to use reverse osmosis (RO) technology for seawater treatment. The plant is located near Shuwaikh Port, Kuwait.

The existing plant consists of three boilers and three desalination units including re-carbonation, demineralization and water intake facilities. The plant uses multistage flashing technology.

The new plant uses reverse osmosis with re-carbonation system to treat sea water into potable water. It was completed by 2010.