The company is taking advantage of well- developed inhouse software for engineering in the field of energy (power generation, cooling systems, oil & Gas processing), as well as world-class developed engineering software, a part of them has listed as follows:

Process Engineering:

Hysys, Aspen Plus, Pro II, Ansys


Off-Site Utility, B.O.P and System Design:

Carrier, Flare, ThermoFlow, GTPro, GTMaster


Mechanical Engineering (Fix and Rotary):

Aspen B-JAC, Tank, PV Elite, Nozzle, HTFS, Hextran



PDMS, Caesar II, ACAD, Pipe Net, CAD Works,

Pipe Phase SF Pressure Drop, Auto Plant


Electrical Engineering:

ETAP, CYME, EMTP, PSCAD, Opti Win, Calculux

Instrumentation and Control:

ETAP, CYME, EMTP, PSCAD, Opti Win, Calculux



Etabs, Sap, Safe


Computational Fluid Dynamic and Numerical Analysis:

Fluent, Solid Works, Mechanical Desktop, Gambit, TechPlot


HAZOP Study and RISK Assessment:

Phast, PHA Pro, Hazop+, RiskVu

We are a selected engineering partner to provide following advance engineering services:

  • 3D Modeling, Simulation and Numerical Analysis (Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, Gas Dynamic, Acoustic Analysis, Mass Transfer)

  • Enhance Detail Engineering

  • Modal Analysis

  • 3D Tour in the project

  • Process Engineering (Design, Modeling, 3D piping)

  • Value Engineering

  • De-Bottle Necking

  • HAZOP & Risk Assessment

  • BOP, Off-Site Utility and Discipline Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, I&C)