Petrochemical & Chemical

Phenol – Acetone Plant

Engineering services for 100,000TPY Phenol
Plant (production of Phenol, Cumene,
Acetone and AMS)
Partner: ILLA
Scop of Services: FEED, Basic and Detail
                              design including P.O specification.
Proj. Value:           200,000,000 USS

Ammonia & Urea Utility Plant

Scop of Services:  Production Plants Capacity:

                               Waste Water and

                               Water Treatment System               1500 m3/hr

                               RO Desalination Plant                    750 m3/hr

                               Open Circulating Cooling System  35,000 m3/hr

                               DM Water Production Plant            500 m3/hr

                               Instrument, Plant Air                       4000 m3/hr

                               Nitrogen Generation                       2400 m3/hr
                               ortable Water                                 10m3/hr

Proj. Value:            65,000,000 US$

320MW CCP Power Gen.- Chlorination Sys

Scope of services:   Chlorination Plant

                                  Sodium Hypochlorite generation plant

                                  Brine Pumping System

                                  Dosing System

                                  Material Convey and Storage System

                                  Backwash  System.

Proj. Value:              1.700,000$