HAZOP & Risk Analysis

The risk review techniques most popular for initial PHAs of entire units or of large projects, MOC reviews, and PHA revalidations as hazard and operability (HAZOP). Facilitate systematic, imaginative searches for process hazards and potential operational difficulties. Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) method and checklists of hazards. Human factors issues and how to analyze for human errors that can occur in step-by-step procedures. Analyzing procedures (startup, shutdown, normal batch operation, emergency operation, etc.) for the hazards of not performing a step as specified.

  • Select Equipment Node

  • Choose Deviation or Parameters & Guide Work

  • Identify Causes

  • Associate Consequences

  • Apply Risk Ranking

  • Agree Actions to be Taken


- Process hazard analysis

  • Process Safety Management

  • Compliance Auditing for Process Safety

  • Incident Investigation/Root Cause Analysis Leadership

  • Writing Effective Operating and Maintenance Procedures

  • Mechanical Integrity

  • Management of Change and PSSR

  • PHA/HAZOP Leadership

  • PHA Revalidation

  • Human Error Prevention

  • Layer of Protection Analysis

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • Safety Task Action Reporting (STAR)

  • Behavior-Based Safety

  • Selecting the Right Manufacturing Improvement Tools

  • Reliability Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence 

Quantitative process risk and loss assessment

  • Loss prevention strategies for process industries

  • Decision making for process risk management

  • Chemical Process incident investigation

  • Designing for chemical process safety

  • Pipeline risk assessment

  • Safety management and Underwriting

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis




- Safety Assessment

  • Air Dispersion Modeling  

  • Accredited Health & Safety Practitioner

  • Applied Environment

  • Applied Health

  • Applied HSE Management

  • Applied Safety

  • Basics of Environment

  • Basics of Health

  • Basics of HSE Management

  • Construction and Demolition Safety

  • Contractor Safety Management

  • Fundamentals of Risk Assessment

  • NEBOSH International General Certificate

  • Risk Based Process Safety Management

  • The Brilliant HSE Professional

- Risk Analysis

- Risk Assessment

- HSE Training

- HSE Procedures