Oil & Gas

Gas Gathering and Injection Project

Scope of Services:     EPCM
                                   Gas Gadering and Oil Wells
                                   Production Enhancement from
                                   172,000bbl/day to 300,000 bbl/day
                                - 2000MMSCF/day Gas Gathering and
                                  Facility for Injection to 24 Wells
                               - Gas Piping24", 50km
                               - 7 Units of Turbo Compressor Station

Proj. Value:              300,000,000$

Off-Shore Gas Field Development and
Processing Plant

Partner :                     Aker Kvaerner (Norway)

Scope of Services:    EPCM
                                  Gas Field Development & Processing
                                  Plant including:
                               - Off-Shore Platform Construction
                               - Off-Shore Driling
                               - 2X32" Sub-Sea Gas Piping
                              - On-Shore Gas Treatment and
                                Processign Plant

 Proj. Value:              2,5 Billion Dollars

Gas Refinery

Scope of Services:    Treatment of 2×120 MMSCF/D


                                  NGL (C2, C3+) Recovery

                                  75 MW Power Plant

                                  4 Sets of Auxiliary Boilers

                                  Residential Camps & Buildings

                                  Access Road

                                  28 Km Water Supply Line

Proj. Value:               450,000,000$

Surface Facility- Desalination and Sulfur Removal

Scope of Services:    EPCM
                                  Sulphur Removal and Production

                                  Plant including:
                                  - 4 Desalination Unit each 55,000

                                 - 4 Indirect Fired Crude Oil Preheater
                                 - Energy Saving facilities

Proj. Value:                 8,000,000 US$

Surface Facility- Desalination and Sulfur Removal

Scope of services :   EPCM
                                 Sulphur Removal and Production
                                  Plant including:
                               - 2 Desalting Unit each 55,000 bbl/day
                                 Water Treatment unit
                               - SWGR and Electrical Work
                               - Control and Instrumentation Work
                               - Booster Pump Facilities

 Proj. Value:              15,000,000 US$

Oil Pump Station

Scope of Services :   EPCM
                                  Crude Oil Storage and Transfer
                                  Capaciity Enhancement including:
                                - 3X 20,000 m3 Storage Tanks
                                - 3 Units of Transfer Pump Facility
                                - 2 Units of Booster Pump Facility
                                - Crude Oil Piping 8", 20km
                                - SWGR and Electrical Facility
                                - Control and Instrumentation

Proj. Value:               15,000,000 US$