About us

Ideal Pioneer Enterprise (IPE L.L.C) is a group of global companies, formed a respected organization in 1985 in Canada and experienced in the fields of Energy, Petrochemical, Water and Automation. 
We are a family, grounded in dicipline, reasonable in what we do and what we want and bounded up to each other by trust & respect since values are inbuilt as well as essential they are, to all we do.
Mainly based on EPCM services, Trade and Development, IPE is one of the leaders of its field. By collabrating with our clients, we implement venerated projects that enhances durable headway and enlarge economies. IPE has the sources and attain to provide our clients reliance in delivery.


At Ideal Pioneer Enterprise, we are passionate about the environment. From the ambitious sustainability goals we set for our own business, to our integrated design approaches, our culture ensures that our clients' projects are guided by the best environmental practices no matter where in the world they may be. Because we live and work in the communities where our projects are located, we are committed to ensuring that our solutions are sensitive to local conditions and sustainable for the long term.

Ideal Pioneer Enterprise has the following principles as its vision, mission and values:

As an international private sector the company’s vision is to be known a successful Management and Engineering Partner of the third millennium, knowledge based and client oriented with integrated process based infrastructure to give valuable services with international standard level in Management of EPC projects, Advanced Detail Engineering, Value Engineering, De-Bottlenecking, System Engineering, Modeling and Modernization.

As an international private entity, the company’s vision is to be well-known as a reliable, knowledgeable and world class Total Solution partner of the third millennium in the fled of its expertise. 

The company offers comprehensive services of;

  • Project Integrate Management Services

  • Enhance Detail Engineering, 3D Modeling, Value Engineering and HAZOP Study. 

  • Project Execution

  • Condition Monitoring, Operation & Maintenance

The company fields of activities are extended in Energy, Water, Waste Management and Control Automation. Background and experiences are covering the following industries;


  • Power & Steam Generation (Co-Generation, Combined Cycles, Renewable Energy)

  • Oil & Gas (Surface Facility, Storage, Gas Gathering and Transmission)

  • Water Systems (Desalination & Production, Transmission and Distribution)

  • Waste Management, Treatment

  • IT, Smart Sys. Implementation, Control Automation (Instrumentation, SCADA, DCS)

Company Board of Management is proud of background exceeding Three billion USD project completion without failure in complying with the scope of responsibility and more than 15Millions man hour No LTI records.