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About Us

Ideal Pioneer Enterprises (IPE L.L.C) is established in 1985, initiated from engineering and developed to a reliable and capable Total Solution Contractor. The company offers comprehensive services of:

  • Project Integrate Management Services

  • Enhance Detail Engineering, 3D Modeling, Value Engineering and HAZOP Study. 

  • Project Execution

  • Condition Monitoring, Operation & Maintenance

EPCM services
Engineering services
HAZOP and Risk Analysis
HAZOP and Risk
Trade and Development
Pre-com and commissioning
Pre-com and commissioning
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Fields of Activities

The company fields of activities are extended in Energy, Water, Waste Management and Control Automation. Background and experiences are covering the following industries and business.

  • Power & Steam Generation (Co-Generation, Combined Cycles, Renewable Energy)

  • Oil & Gas (Surface Facility, Storage, Gas Gathering and Transmission)

  • Water Systems (Desalination & Production, Transmission and Distribution)

  • Waste Management (Management, Treatment)

  • IT, Smart Sys. Implementation, Control Automation (Instrumentation, SCADA, DCS)

Company Board of Management is proud of background exceeding three billion USD project completion without failure in complying scope of responsibility and 15Millions man-hour No LTI records.

Environmental sustainability has considered as one of the major company orientation.

Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Water & Waste Water System
Renewable Energy
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Trading Deputy of the company is established in 2012, well prepared and capable of providing service in the following fields


Our vision

  • One of the top ten international companies in the fields of activity

  • Optimum solution for customers - clients as a selected company

  • One of the best selection for experts to cooperation

  • Achieving level of design standard adaptive with the green energy & environment 

Our Mission

  • International level of business development.

  • Enhancing the company performance and reliability.

  • Focusing on Energy, Water, Waste Management, Smart System Implementation  

  • Enhancing the quality of life along with respecting environment sustainability technology

  • Developing in Knowledge management

  • Enhancing the quality of life along with respecting environment sustainability technology.

Our Values

  • Customers Satisfaction, Human Resource Excellence, Trust, Social Responsibilities

  • Commitment of professional performance and ethics


Contact Us

Sultanate of Oman

Bldg. No. 288, Al Khuwair south St, Al Maha St,

Al Khuwair, P.C: 130 P.Box: 2161,

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Tel:  +968 244 800 22, +968 244 800 25

Fax: +968 244 800 26